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Spending and Production by Position: The Numbers

Editor's Note: This is good, so it's on the front page. Enjoy. Since the implication of the salary cap, the Devils have never gone into a season with an ample amount of wiggle room under the cap....

What Should Be the New Jersey Devils' Pre-Game Song for 2011-12?


A hard rock band named Black Water Music is suing the Devils for their use of the song "Rise" as a pregame song. I use this news to ask, what song should the Devils use as a pregame song for next...

Is Ilya Kovalchuk a Franchise Player Right Now?


A reader recently asked me whether I thought Ilya Kovalchuk was a franchise player. I answer that question while explaining what I feel a franchise player is on this team and what Kovalchuk should...

Rod Pelley: A Fourth Liner On the Bubble in New Jersey


While it's quite sometime before training camp begins, I take a look at Rod Pelley, a player I feel is on the bubble in NJ. Based on what he did last season and the Devils' moves in this offseason,...

Talking Red: End of Summer Offseason (For Now) Episode


Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of offseason activity by the New Jersey Devils. David Sarch, Kevin Sellathamby, and John Fischer discuss it all on this episode of Talking Red.

Surprise! Colin White & Trent Hunter Intended to be Bought Out


Today yielded some surprising news among the New Jersey Devils faithful as Colin White and Trent Hunter have been waived for the intent of being bought out tomorrow. I discuss my thoughts on buying...

The New Jersey Devils Team Captain Question


With the New Jersey Devils close to done with their offseason signings, one question fans have brought up has been: Who should captain the team next season? I offer a few potential Devils players...

Official: Zach Parise Signs One-Year, $6 Million Contract with the New Jersey Devils


Zach Parise signed a one-year, $6 million contract with the New Jersey Devils. This reaction post explains why Devils fans should be concerned and attempts to understand the thinking behind a...

The Newest New Jersey Devil: Trent Hunter


The New Jersey Devils acquired Trent Hunter from the New York Islanders in a trade today. I take a look at Hunter's last four seasons to get an idea of what he can bring to the Devils - assuming he...

Who Do You Want On the New Jersey Devils' Blueline for 2011-12?


With the recent signing of Mark Fraser, the New Jersey Devils have 17 defensemen signed in their system. I take the opportunity to name 6 defensemen and 1 extra that I think will be on New Jersey's...

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