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Reviewed: Martin Brodeur's 24 GAs in April '13


After a long absence, the review of all of the goals allowed by Martin Brodeur concludes with a look at the 24 allowed in April.

Stephen Gionta Drew Calls Like A Pest


Fourth-line forward Stephen Gionta may find himself on the outside looking in when the season starts, but he did excel in one area. He led the Devils last year in drawing penalties by being a pest...

They Were Tripping: The 2013 NJ Devils' Penalties


The New Jersey Devils took a relatively significant number of minor penalties last season. In this post, learn how often they got caught tripping, how many calls each player took, and what Ryane...

Reviewing Martin Brodeur's 11 GAs in March


Martin Brodeur returned to the ice on March 21 after being sidelined for several weeks with an injury. He appeared in five games, allowed eleven goals, and we review those goals to get a better...

Video Montage of Devils Scoring Chances Vs. Flyers - 4/18


ILWT reader @SM2635 on Twitter enjoyed putting the last video together, so he did another one. This video compiles Jerry's scoring chance count of the 3-0 win over the Second Rate Rivals on April 18, 2013.

Reviewing Martin Brodeur's 18 GAs in February


Outside of a poor first game by the New Jersey Devils, Martin Brodeur had a good February - until he got hurt. He allowed 18 goals and this review delves into how many came in high and how many...

Marek Zidlicky Attempted to Shoot. A Lot.


Marek Zidlicky shot the puck a lot in 2013, leading the Devils defensemen in shots and attempts as well as finishing second among all skaters in attempts. He fired away so often that it may be not...

The Ughs of March: Hedberg's 27 GAs Reviewed


Johan Hedberg hit bottom in March with 27 goals allowed in ten games. The rest of the New Jersey Devils didn't look all that good in the process, winning only one game in regulation. After...

February Decline: Johan Hedberg's 17 GAs Reviewed


Like the New Jersey Devils, Johan Hedberg started February off great and ended it awfully. What happened to Moose? The seventeen goals he allowed in six appearances - sixteen in four of them - get...

Talking Red #112: Season Recap & Playoff Talk


On this week's episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast Talking Red, David Sarch, Dan Pennucci, and John Fischer recap the 2013 season, look at Devils at the IIHF World Championships, and give...

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