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Visualizing Corsi and the New Jersey Devils


Inspired by some recent work done on other blogs, I've decided to create a visual representation of how the Devils forwards and defenders fare while on the ice together.

The New Jersey Devils Sign First Round Pick Adam Larsson to a 3 Year Entry Level Contract


Today, the New Jersey Devils announced that they have signed their 2011 first round pick Adam Larsson to a three year entry-level-contract.   Up against a 5pm deadline to sign Larsson (or face...

The Road to Minneapolis: My Take on the 2011 Draft


I've been dismissive of trading for an established player like Stastny, but Garth keeps talking about it, so who knows? My preference is for Larsson and I just have a feeling Garth will get him, but Dougie H is the more likely outcome. We'll see.

2011 LBC Florida Panthers / NHL Entry Draft Day One: Live Open Thread


TallonFest 2011 commences from St. Paul

P.M. Caterwaul: Draft Eve Open Forum


Figured the best course of action at this point is to paste up another Caterwaul since news and notes from the Entry Draft will likely continue to worm their way out of St. Paul through the...

NHL Entry Draft 2011 - YKOil & Bob McKenzie


How do the independent scouting services match up against Bob McKenzie's insider list?

The ILWT 2011 NHL Entry Draft Prospect Profile Index


At In Lou We Trust, Tom, Kevin, and I wrote a lot of profiles across all rounds for potential prospects the New Jersey Devils can draft this year. This post compiles all of those links for easy...

Our Complete LHH Community 2011 NHL Mock Draft*


One 2011 NHL Mock Entry Draft as carried out by 30 or so members of the Lighthouse Hockey New York Islanders-watching community.

Well, he's Matt Cooke


That's The Copper & Blue's own Scott Reynolds' description of the Oilers recent signee Antti Tyrvainen on Nation Radio last Saturday. Scott also discusses a great many things draft related on the program including Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Adam Larsson, and draft eligible defensmen.

Poll: Forget loyalties...who goes #1?


As has been the case in recent days we're keeping this shockingly simple: who will be chosen as the NHL's first-overall pick on Friday? From a local standpoint, forget what the Panthers need or...

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