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Devils to kick off social media initiative tomorrow

The link goes to the team's website. That's not news. But tomorrow, the team's website will be streaming the official opening of the "Mission Control" digital command center at the Prudential Center at 12 PM EST on Wednesday. Said opening will feature Matt Loughlin, other front office staff, and the owner himself, Jeff Vanderbeek. If you haven't noticed on Twitter yet, the team has named several Devils Generals (@DevilsGenerals) in an attempt to more directly link fan feedback to the organization. The Devils have set up a separate room, "Mission Control," for said generals to do that as well as monitoring Twitter, Facebook, and other media (e.g. blogs like this one). I await to see how effective this is, as to whether the fans respond well to the generals and whether the organization will hear them loud and clear. Thanks to the Devils organization for sending me the press release.

Snow game offer from Devils (For those unable to attend 12/26 game)

Editor's Note: For those wondering whether the Devils will have an offer for those unable to attend Sunday's game due to the blizzard, here it is. Thanks dasru. People (including me) were asking about this, so here it is. I have half season tickets, and my plan has all these games already, so I'm not sure what they are going to do in that case.

Report: Lou may be hockey-only executive soon

Chere had this up first, Gulitti has it too, and Wyshynski already has something to say about it. I think it's best to wait and see if this actually comes true. Unless I'm mistaken, the Devils are making money right now. So I'm a little concerned that this may have to do with any potential deal with the NJSEA moreso than business. Alas, this can be discussed later; hopefully after, say, June.

The Full ILWT Article on NJSEA & The Rock

Today took me by surprise! An excerpt of a post about the possible deal to give the NJSEA control of day-to-day operations of the Rock actually was published in the New Jersey section of today's Star-Ledger. Seriously, it's right next to the letters to the editor and they excerpted quite a bit! For the benefit of those who saw it in the paper, I'd like to point out it was part of a rather long rant about it - linked above. Also, welcome to In Lou We Trust! If you don't get the Star-Ledger, here's a link to the article. I'd like to thank Kelly Heyboer for getting my words published in the newspaper. Though, it's not "Arena Wars," and I don't really care where the Nets end up. I just don't want the NJSEA near any control at The Rock. Thanks.

Don't worry about the Devils' finances; Vanderbeek expects profit

With not a whole lot going on today with the team not practicing, Rich Chere of the Star Ledger has got word from owner Jeff Vanderbeek about the team's literal fortunes. While I don't like the pessimistic slant of the article, though it's understandable given the economy's slide in the past few months, it's reassuring to read a quote from the owner that things are fine for our favorite hockey team. It's also a good comeback to the critics who complain about attendance at the Rock, especially from fans of inferior teams. The team's making money and doing well, that what it comes down to, really.

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