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A Quick Break Down of Martin Brodeur's Wins and Shutouts

Eric Marin pulled some numbers from the Elias Sports Bureau and posted this quick break down of Brodeur's wins and shutouts. I think it's pretty neat, so check it out.

SI: Nicklas Lidstrom NHL Player of 2000s, Martin Brodeur Second

Honestly, I don't fault SI for going with Lidstrom over Brodeur. Both won 2 Cups in this decade, both are cornerstones of their respective franchises' success, both have won awards, both are Olympic gold medalists, and both are sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Fame players when it's all said and done. Martin Brodeur is one of the greatest goaltenders ever. Yet, Lidstrom just commands entire games from the blueline and has won 6 Norris for his efforts - clearly the best defenseman of his generation and he's been doing it for well over a decade. It's mind-boggling how good he is. I love Marty, but there is no shame in finishing behind Nicklas Lidstrom. It really is an honor to be seriously considered. Hat tip to Puck Daddy for this story.

Devils Official Site: Send Your Qs for Lou Lamoriello

First, it was new head coach Jacques Lemaire. Then, it was Devils legend Martin Brodeur. Now, Lou is putting himself out there to answer your questions. Truth be told, I'm really curious as to what he will answer and how he will phrase it. Lou can be trusted - especially to give some interesting answers. H/T to Gulitti for reporting this along with the dates for training camp. Sept. 9 is not so far away!

Patrik Elias wins Golden Stick Award for being Best Czech Hockey Player in the World

The original news article is in Slovak, so here's the same page after a Google translation to English. Big, big hat tip to Jonathan Willis of the Copper and Blue for bringing up this news. It is named to whom the media thinks was the best hockey player from the Czech Republic in this past season. Elias led all Czechs in scoring in the NHL last season, and the NHL currently recognizes him as the best Czech player in the league. A clear slam dunk over, say Jaromir Jagr playing in the KHL. According to the article, it's the first time Elias has ever won the award - breaking a 4 year winning streak by Jagr. Congratulations to Patrik Elias for earning the Golden Stick Award.

June 18: Martin Brodeur Day

Chere reported today that June 18 will be Martin Brodeur in New Jersey. There's a whole Train to Trenton thing that day to promote the event, which you can register here at the Devils' site. But I'm just floored by this recognition. Martin Brodeur is so legendary, he gets a day. Who else in NJ sports history ever got commemorated with a day?

Chere: Dano and Duguay to do Ice Breakers with Sean Avery

There's not much with the Devils, so I'll pass this along from what I saw at Chere's blog today. Devils legend Ken Daneyko and non-Devils non-legend Ron Duguay will be doing a special Ice Breakers show taping tomorrow evening from 5-7 PM at the NHL Store in Manhattan. The show will air on Sirius and XM at 7 PM - something to listen to while you got a Game 7 on the TV, perhaps. Their special guest host? Sean Avery. But this is what's news: fans in attendance can provide their own questions to the hosts. If you have nothing better to do and you're in the area, maybe you have something to ask of Dano or Avery. I suggest being polite, but I'm not going to expect much.

Brodeur honored in Resolution from U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-08)

That's right! Martin Brodeur has been formally honored in a resolution from Congress, submitted by U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. When a Congressman recognizes the accomplishment, it should tell you how big of a deal it is! Congratulations to Marty! Thanks to Caley Gray for bringing this to my attention today. The link should go to the full text of the resolution. Brodeur will be honored in a short pre-game ceremony tomorrow night at the Rock. He will not be starting, according to Gulitti and Chere.

Gulitti lists who won with Martin Brodeur

Gulitti got a whole lot of stats and figures out who has been present for Martin Brodeur's wins throughout his career. Patrik Elias is first, Kryzystof Oliwa is in the top 30 (!?), and Sasha Lakovic has been present for more wins than Petr Vrana!

Brodeur is ready for full practice

Gulitti's report on today's practice is so big, it has a picture. While it wasn't a full one, Brodeur is ready to go for full practices. A few of those, and he should be back to giving opposing forwards nightmares. Chere has a similar write up, but this bit is about how Brodeur wants to travel with the team to Florida. If he wants to keep practicing, he'll have to travel. I think it makes sense.

Quickie Thought: 4 for 5 from the Road

As always, link is for the NHL recap. I have three quick thoughts. 1) You don't need a big, high scoring game or a game with fights to have great hockey. This was a up-and-down, intense affair between two teams who have played well. Tonight's game was definitive proof that low scoring games can be and are often exciting. 2) Scott Clemmensen was excellent and he's playing very well. I don't care what he did last season, he is the #1 goalie right now. He has earned that after his performance tonight. 3) Zach Parise got the set-up from Patrik Elias this time in overtime; and it made all the difference. A legit penalty led to a winning goal in OT to cap off a successful road trip. Sweetness.

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