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Fisk Of Death: Gregg Doyel Edition

It's going to be a long offseason, what with all the poorly written posts by alleged experts. bfd starts off the fisking with a nauseating Gregg Doyel post after Doyel wrote about who the Houston Texans MUST take with the first pick of the draft.

Fisking Kubiak's Press Conference: Speaking Without Communicating

Fisking Kubiak's press conference after Houston's loss at Baltimore yesterday.

We Get Emails

We Get Emails - An insulting email gets an appropriate response.

Let's Breakdown Scott Burnside's Latest Shameful Article about the New Jersey Devils

On the day the New Jersey Devils fired John MacLean and named Jacques Lemaire as the interim head coach, Scott Burnside wrote an article about the decision. The article was so bad, it needed to be taken apart piece by piece - which is done in this post.

Did Thursday's Game Save Andre Johnson From Suspension?

Is Tony Kornheiser right when he says Thursday's game on NFL Network saved Andre Johnson from suspension?

On Redskins-Fan Arrogance: A Good Old Fashioned Fisking

MDC disagrees with a Skins blogger's take on things. Fisk-larity ensues.

BREAKING NEWS: Sioux City Journal Still Sucks

The Sioux City Journal rushes to the defense of benchwarmer Brennan Cougill. Naturally, we feel compelled to shred in response.

Let's Help Newsday's Arthur Staple Understand the New Jersey Devils

A reader posted up an article by Newsday's Arthur Staple that was especially dumb about the New Jersey Devils' performance since the lockout ended. I fisk the article, responding claim by claim to point out how dumb this is.

Ivan Maisel Is An Ungrateful Little Twit

ESPN's Ivan Maisel hates this college football season and wants his money back? Fine, but from whom? And who was outsmarting him this entire time?

The Art of No Story: The Toledo Blade Tries to Make Something of Nothing

Maize n Brew goes after the Toledo Blade for shoddy reporting after Steven Threet's transfer from the University of Michigan Wolverines Football program.

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