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Devils Hockey Has Mostly Been Low Event Hockey

This season's New Jersey Devils team doesn't take a lot of shooting attempts at 5-on-5 and allows even fewer. The thing is that this has been largely the case for six of the last seven seasons across numerous coaching and personnel changes.

How the New Jersey Devils were Better Under Lemaire than MacLean: Possession

The New Jersey Devils performed better under Jacques Lemaire than John MacLean last season. I show how much better by possession statistics from Time on Ice between the two head coaches in various even strength situations

Thank You & Goodbye Jacques Lemaire

After today's 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins, Jacques Lemaire has announced his retirement and will return to his role as a Special Assignment Coach with the Devils. This piece expresses appreciation for what Lemaire did this season.

The 2010-11 New Jersey Devils Power Play: Just Hot in December

The New Jersey Devils power play has been poor all season long. There was a hot streak in December that puts lie to whether they got better; but this post shows that probably was not the case.

Random Thoughts- Jamie Langenbrunner and Reinforcement

Some thoughts about Jamie Langenbrunner and John MacLean, and their relationship potentially being affected by reinforcement

Are the Devils Doing Any Better in the Second Period under Jacques Lemaire?

Earlier in the season, the second period was seemingly a constant bad period for the Devils where they were heavily out-shot and out-scored. This post asks: are the Devils any better in the second period under Lemaire?

Let's Breakdown Scott Burnside's Latest Shameful Article about the New Jersey Devils

On the day the New Jersey Devils fired John MacLean and named Jacques Lemaire as the interim head coach, Scott Burnside wrote an article about the decision. The article was so bad, it needed to be taken apart piece by piece - which is done in this post.

New Jersey Devils Get Stomped On by Washington Capitals, 5-1 - Different Night, Same Result

The New Jersey Devils lost to the Washington Capitals 5-1. This recap reviews each goal against, assigns blame on each, and discusses how bad this Devils loss was - their third straight overall and ninth straight on the road.

Listless & Clueless New Jersey Devils Get Blown Out of Georgia 7-1 by the Atlanta Thrashers

The New Jersey Devils got blown away 7-1 by the Atlanta Thrashers tonight. This recap details Eric Boulton beating Anton Volchenkov, how the Devils offense was bad, how the defense was bad, and sympathy for the goalies.

History Repeats Itself: New Jersey Devils Follow Recent Win with Horrid 3-1 Loss to the Nashville Predators

The New Jersey Devils played an awful game of hockey against the Nashville Predators and deservedly lost 3-1. This recap goes into detail as to how bad it was, including thoughts from my brother who saw a lot wrong - and he's only a casual fan.

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