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We are all John Cena

Stone Cold Steve Austin fulfilled everyone's desire to flip their boss off and nail him in the jaw. The best wrestling offers this escape. Is it possible Cena's another example of this? He...



One Penn State alum and fan makes a statement about why he still bleeds Blue and White.

For Better or Worse: Loyalty & the New Jersey Devils 2012 Offseason


The New Jersey Devils offseason has been done by re-signing players from last season. Based on that, I give a summary of my thoughts on the team's moves so far and how they reflect that loyalty is...

Sports Fan Study Reveals: Scientists Are Nerds


A new study about sports fan loyalty reveals: scientists are nerds.

How much is your Loyalty to the 49ers worth?


A Redskins fan sells his "team loyalty" on ebay for $10,100.00! I saw this on Jay Leno and had to look it up to make sure that it was real. The sale isn't even for life, it is only for the remainder of the season. 10 grand isn't for me to sell my Niner soul for life, but it is probably enough to buy my loyalty for the remainder of the season.

Rany Gets Banned By The Geniuses Who Run the Royals


Read the link for the details... basically, in a previous blog entry he dared to criticize the Royals handling of injuries. So now they're going to "ban" him from the upcoming Baseball Prospectus event at Kauffman Stadium. Classy... If I were being funny, I'd comment on the irony of the timing, given that BP is barely more sabermetric than the Royals Front Office that is Above Reproach, but this isn't the time. Gee, I wonder if this will backfire? Let's make sure it does. I wonder if Rany knows anyone with connections to a major sports media outlet... [Update:5:46 ET. On Twitter, Rany reports that he and the team have reached an amicable resolution, he'll be posting soon on his blog, apparently yay.] [Update 10:38 EST: Back to Normal. Good, although I sort of think the Royals only recanted because they got caught.]

Prior "Ready" for "Beginning" of "2009"


Prior supposedly ready for beginning of '09 according to Buster Olney. Question, how do things like this usually turn out? Since we burned a cool mil on Prior last year would he give us the 1st crack at signing him? Or could he care less? If he signs cheap i think we'd be in the perfect position to gamble on him, who knows maybe he will become an ace again and replace Peavy (probably not)

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