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ILWT Audition: What the Young New Jersey Devils Could Become


Continuing the In Lou We Trust Audition Posts, Writer E wrote a piece about the New Jersey Devils' immediate future. It touches on a number of young NJ Devils and prospects, concluding that player...

New Jersey Devils Sign Mattias Tedenby & Jacob Josefson; Why We May See Them in 2010-11


The New Jersey Devils made their first signings of the 2010 offseason by signing prospects Mattias Tedenby and Jacob Josefson. The media reaction on both sides and an explanation as to why both...

Devils sign Tedenby and Josefson


While I'm pretty happy about these signings, I don't think they'll have an immediate impact. I'm glad they'll be in the system, but Josefson's still a little green to be that Centerman we need so desperately, and Tedenby.. honestly how many left-wings can one team have? Editor's Note: This is the first (and second) signing of the 2010 offseason for the New Jersey Devils. Expect more thoughts soon.

HV71 Defeated Djurgardens to win SEL Playoffs


This is old news, but HV71, featuring Devils prospect Mattias Tedenby, defeated Djurgardens, featuring Devils prospect Jacob Josefson, 4 games to 2 to win the 2010 SEL Playoffs. Tedenby and Josefson put up 5 points in the playoffs, but the experience alone is worthy of mention. Congratulations to Tedenby and HV71, who have won their second championship in three years.

New Jersey Devils Prospect Stat Roundup for March 2010


With several New Jersey Devils prospects entering the playoffs and the Lowell Devils fighting to make it to the postseason, I compiled all of the stats for the top Devils prospects, notable minor...


The One and Only 2010 World Juniors Championships Thread

This fanpost is made to contain all conversation about the 2010 World Junior Championships. The Devils have 4 prospects in this tournament: Adam Henrique and Patrice Cormier for Canada; and Jacob...

New Jersey Devils Pre-World Juniors Prospect Update


Four New Jersey Devils prospects will represent their country at the 2010 World Junior Championships. With a break in the action, the stats of various Devils prospects are compiled here for a...

New Jersey Devils Prospect Stat Update for 10/27/2009


How are the Devils' prospects doing so far in the beginning of their seasons? I round up all the notable players and their stats into one place for viewing and discussion.

Meanwhile in Sweden, How are Jacob Josefson and Mattias Tedenby Doing?


With preseason ending soon, I take a look at how the top two Devils' prospects are doing in Sweden so far. Mattias Tedenby and HV71 are on a four game winning streak to start the season, while...

News and notes, July 20, 2009


Check out today's news and articles about the New Jersey Devils

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