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How Close Were Devils Games Last Year?


Under head coach Peter DeBoer, the Devils play a low event style of hockey. While the team may not score much, it also performs exceptionally well at preventing goals against. Does this lead to...

Were the Devils Lucky or Unlucky Last Season?


Talk to any New Jersey Devils fan, and he or she will tell you that the team was highly unlucky last year due to an atrocious 0-13 shootout record. Was the team really unlucky though, or were they...

New Jersey Devils Prospect Update: Week 19


Goals were scored from struggling players and there are a lot of injury updates in this weeks Prospect Update.

Big Hits: How NHL Can Promote Good over Bad


Big hits are a memorable part of the game for the fans and sometimes the hitter. Given increasing safety concerns, I suggest a proactive approach for the league to explain good hits in the hopes of...

Kovalchuk nets 3 while the others are scoreless


Kovalchuk nets three and an otherwise quiet week from the Devils abroad as the KHL had a New Years break.

NHL Board of Governors Approve Four-Conference Realignment


Starting next season, the NHL will introduce four new conferences, a new scheduling format, and a new playoff format. Here's another NHL link on the realignment news. Teams in a 7-team conference will play their rivals 6 times a year (teams in a 8-team will alternate between 5 and 6 games) and all teams out of conference will play a home and home. The new (well old) playoff format will see conference games 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in the first round and the winners face in the second round. The four conference winners will reseed and battle it out Final Four Style for Lord Stanley.

Winnipeg Jets Reveal New Logos!


The Jets have officially unveiled their brand new logos for the upcoming season. I personally like them as it brings a fresh modern look, but i do hope they wear their vintage jerseys at some point in the future as well.

NHL Rejects Ilya Kovalchuk Contract with New Jersey - Why? & Why Now?


The NHL rejected Ilya Kovalchuk's contract this evening - AFTER the Devils have announced it with a press conference. I am stunned with not only why this is happening but also with why this is...

NHLPA uses option; extends CBA trough 2011-12


NHLPA and NHL have another season to write up an amended CBA. They also agreed on the 5% growth factor, which would put next year's salary cap right under $59 million. The NHL will announce the new cap before July 1st. UPDATE: Bob McKenzie has the official cap ceiling and floor numbers: $59.4 million cap, $43.4 million floor.

Mottau & White Ranked #6 & #7 Defensive Defencemen


SBN blog From the Rink just compiled a top 25 Defensive Defencemen in the NHL at 2009's quarter-mark point in the season. Here is the criteria players ranks were based on: "It ranks players defensively based on (a) quality of competition at even strength, (b) goals against per minute played at even strength and (c) goals against per minute played on the penalty kill. Players also have to have played at least 15 games and fill a significant role on their team's shorthanded unit. Credit, as always, to Behind The Net for the data." Mike Mottau & Colin White come in at numbers 6 & 7 just after or before some pretty impressive and just surprising company. Hell I'm kind of surprised to see both up there this high myself.

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