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SB Nation / NHL Mock Expansion Draft: Winnipeg and Quebec select their players


...And Florida "loses" two from the roster; click through for the entire draft.

The Finalized Devils Exposed List for the SBN Mock Expansion Draft


Based on the writers' lists and the feedback in the comments to the linked post, I have come up with the protection list for the New Jersey Devils and submitted to SBN Hockey for the ensuing draft. Thanks for your feedback. For the sake of simplicity, here's who would be exposed. Needless to say, the mock expansion draft is a good way to clear some salary for some guy the Devils could be signing if the NHL ever allows it. Anyone not listed is protected and/or exempt: Unprotected Goaltender: Johan Hedberg Unprotected Defensemen: Bryce Salvador, Colin White Unprotected Forwards: Brian Rolston, Rod Pelley Full lists across the network will be out on Thursday, so Mock Expansion GMs Gabe Desjardins and James Mirtle can take a look at them all.

SB Nation mock expansion draft: Our protected list and justifications


Fifteen players to protect, and reasons why... We present our protected list for the SB Nation mock NHL expansion draft.

Which New Jersey Devils Will Be Protected in the SBN NHL Mock Expansion Draft?


The SBN NHL group is holding a mock expansion draft this summer. This post includes the protection lists for the New Jersey Devils by the ILWT writers and is seeking feedback

Mock expansion: The Ottawa Senators protected goalies


As part of SB Nation hockey's 2010 NHL mock expansion draft, the Ottawa Senators have a protected list to set out. This details their choice for protected goalie(s).

Pick the Team Names for the SBN Mock Expansion Draft


The first poll decided the cities for the mock expansion sites. Unfortunately, Winnipeg and Quebec City won. Neverthless, the cities now need names. There are 6 choices for each, go and pick one at the link. My favorites: The Winnipeg Mud and Quebec Citadels. This poll will close on Monday.

SB Nation "NHL Mock Expansion Draft" - Part Three: Choose the Nicknames


And on it goes. The wild part begins next week with each existing teams' protected lists.

SB Nation "NHL Mock Expansion Draft" - Part Two: Name the Clubs


Despite lacking a sure-fire vote-gobbler like Hartford, the Mock Expansion Draft rolls into its second phase: the new Winnipeg and Quebec franchises need names. Head over to the above link and leave your suggestions in the comment section. Should no doubt make for interesting reading.

SB Nation's mock Expansion, Expansion Draft


It'll be playing out over the next few days, but SB Nation is putting together a mock-expansion draft. Raw Charge will have to submit a protected list and we'll be participating in other facets that ar e required of us... That's not the point though. Right now, you -- the reader, the prospective voter -- get to pick what cities should get (fake, made up, only for the sake of this exercise) expansion teams. Click on the title link and read the post about the Expansion mock draft and vote for your choices for the home of our expansion-exercise NHL cities.

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