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Given Richard Bloch's Ruling, What Exactly is the "Line in the Sand" for Future NHL Contracts?


Given the language of Richard Bloch's ruling that sustained the NHL's rejection of New Jersey's contract with Ilya Kovalchuk, I ask an important yet difficult question: What exactly is the "line in...

Eric Macramalla's Review of Kovalchuk Decision with Copy of Decision


Eric Macramalla runs Offside, a sports law blog associated with Team1200 in Canada. It's a full look at how Richard Bloch made his decision, sustaining the NHL's rejection of the contract. It also has a link to a PDF of the actual decision. So you can read it yourself and see what went on.

Official: Arbitrator Sustains NHL's Rejection of Ilya Kovalchuk Contract


The arbitrator ruled in favor of the NHL in their rejection of Ilya Kovalchuk's contract. This post is a snap judgment, stating what the next step is and stating how confusing this all is.

Arbitration of Ilya Kovalchuk's Contract Rejection Ended Today: A Summary So Far


The arbitration hearing between the NHL and the NHLPA over the league's rejection of the contract between Ilya Kovalchuk and the New Jersey Devils ended today. I summarize all of the reported news...

Larry Brooks: Bettman's throwing a tantrum


Namely because he covers the Rangers for the NY Post, Larry Brooks isn't exactly held in high regard by Devils fans. However, his take on the NHL's rejection of the Ilya Kovalchuk contract in the NY Post is a must-read for all who are following this story. In it: -Brooks states the contract doesn't violate the CBA (something you already know if you read the past few days here, or read the CBA yourself) -Brooks explains why the NHL is really just hammering the PA here, that this process is a no-lose for the NHL and exorts the PA to get it together. -Brooks smacks an agent for suggesting escrow as a problem. -And so much more. This article's got something for everyone; so let everyone know about it. (And if you must talk Kovalchuk, talk about it here. Facts are appreciated, tired conjecture won't be.) Hat-tip: HF Boards Again, when the Devils fans are praising Brooksie, it's something worth reading.

Article 11.6, Not Article 26.13 is Happening After Ilya Kovalchuk Contract Rejection


After explaining why I don't think Ilya Kovalchuk's contract with the New Jersey Devils violated Article 50, I explain that the current procedure after rejection that's being followed is Article...

The NHL-Rejected Ilya Kovalchuk Contract with the New Jersey Devils & Article 50 of the NHL CBA


After reviewing the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, I am not convinced that New Jersey Devils contract with Ilya Kovalchuk violates Article 50. I cite the relevant provisions and make my...

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