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Five reasons why Alexandra loves hockey

Hockey. You love it, I love it, we love it. Why? Alex explores five reasons why she loves the sport.

Five things Cassie loves about hockey

A few years ago, Puck Daddy ran a series about why bloggers love hockey. Raw Charge has decided to take that up asking that question of its own bloggers. Here's what Cassie has to say.

Puck Daddy Ottawa Senators Eulogy

Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy asked me to write the eulogy for the 2013 Ottawa Senators, and here it is. Come remember the 2013 Sens with yours truly.

Fresh Links: Rosterbation Edition

Wheelin' Dealin' Peter Chiarelli on PuckDaddy's Top 10 Most Fascinating at NHL Trade Deadline list. Svedberg AHL March Top Rookie. Kelly, McQuaid skate. The Joy of the Original Six. Cuts For A Cause raised $76K. Fan throws moose leg onto ice.

Alicia proposes to Christina at an Ottawa Senators game

I'm not a big fan of public marriage proposals; For me it's a private decision that when made public puts undo pressure on someone to say "yes." But I sure did get teary-eyed watching a video this...

Puck Daddy Commenters on Obama

Puck Daddy commenters are idiots and racists and they have some opinions about Barack Obama.

Private Equity and the NHL: A Few More Thoughts

Today OTF examines possibilities for how to structure a private equity deal that could save the NHL without also ruining it at the same time.

Essentially speaking - the essential season in Tampa Bay Lightning history

Just why would we think the 2010-11 Tampa Bay Lightning season was the most essential? We elaborate on our Puck Daddy Essentials answer here.

Puck Daddy's The Essentials: Tampa Bay Lightning Edition

Puck Daddy has been doing a series on the essentials for each team, and we were asked to put together an essentials post for the Tampa Bay Lightning a while back. We all contributed to this, and there will be some additional "essentials" that we'd like to add on top of this. So stay tuned for some more Lightning essentials here on Raw Charge.

The Essentials: San Jose Sharks

"Arena food is too expensive. Only idiots and fat people buy arena food. Just go get a burrito before you go to the arena and then just sit down and watch the damn game." This guy knows what he's talking about.

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