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Reviewing the Previews: TSN.ca's 30 Teams in 30 Days


TSN.ca writes pretty negatively about the New Jersey Devils in their team preview, stating that Jacques Lemaire will hurt their offense due to his style. While this hasn't been true and despite the...

Reviewing the Previews: Timo Seppa & VUKOTA Projections at Puck Prospectus


Timo Seppa and the VUKOTA Projections at Puck Prospectus found the Devils to be the 11th best team next season. It's a well-written, researched preview that all who read it will learn something....

Reviewing the Previews: Scott Burnside at ESPN


Scott Burnside at ESPN wrote a team preview that's loaded with content and interesting information. Despite a few nuggets, this wasn't a well-researched or well-concluded piece; and I explain why.

Reviewing the Previews: Dave Lozo at NHL.com


Dave Lozo of NHL.com has posted a season preview for the New Jersey Devils today. It's not bad, but it's quite positive with not much criticism given - which is to be expected given it's on the...

Reviewing the Previews: Ross McKeon at Yahoo! Sports


Ross McKeon of Yahoo! Sports wrote a preview for the New Jersey Devils that contains two major flaws. I point out what they are and why they are so bad. Also included is a short review of a short...

Reviewing the Previews: Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy


Greg Wyshynski wrote a Devils preview which is up-to-date as possible and put it up today. I review the preview, concluding it's worth reading despite some flaws.

Reviewing Devils Previews: Chuck Gormley for The Sporting News 2009-10 Hockey Yearbook


Chuck Gormley did the New Jersey Devils team preview for the Sporting News' 2009-10 Hockey Yearbook. It's a fairly negative preview marred by lazy errors and omissions.

Reviewing Devils Previews: Rich Chere for The Hockey News 09-10 Yearbook


The 2009-10 The Hockey News Yearbook has been released in stores and online, and got beat reporter Rich Chere write the preview for the New Jersey Devils. I review the preview, which is one of the...

Reviewing Devils Previews: Roundtable from View from My Seats


In the first installment of Reviewing Devils Previews for the 2009-10 season, I take a look at the Atlantic Division roundtable from View from My Seats. Carlos Figueiredo of Speaking of the Devils...

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