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SB Nation United Version 1.0.3 Change List


The lovely and talented tech team for SB Nation has updated United with a myriad of fixes and changes. The following is a list of what has just been changed to improve everyone's experience.

The NHL Officially Locks Out the Players

As of midnight on September 15, the NHL will lockout the players. This is a short post summarizing some feelings about it as well as stating what will happen at In Lou We Trust now.

A New Logo for In Lou We Trust as a Sign of Things to Come

This post unveils a new logo for In Lou We Trust, the New Jersey Devils blog along with a message from SB Nation founder Tyler Bleszinski about why there's a new logo.

2012 ILWT Audition Results: Welcome Karen & Jerry as New Writers

On August 2, I posted the eleventh and final audition post for new writers for In Lou We Trust. A decision languished for over a week as I sought the opinions of others, read the posts, and...

Coming Soon: The SBNation App for Your iPhone


I want to take a little moment of your time to make you aware that SBNation is going to be coming out with a brand new mobile application (or app) for your iPhone soon.   This application will...

In Lou We Trust: Over A Million Served - Thank You, Readers


In Lou We Trust has achieved over a million page views. I thank all of the readers. I also have made this an open thread for NHL free agency for the weekend.

Introducing: Steve Lepore of Puck the Media to In Lou We Trust


Hi there.  I am Steve Lepore, the editor for Puck the Media, a premier blog about the media coverage of the NHL.  If you want to know a little bit about my personal history as a Devil fan, check...

I Welcome You Yahoos (and Other New People) to ILWT!


SBNation and Yahoo! Sports has recently started a partnership, and so there's a freshly updated widget at the Devils' Yahoo! page. For all of you who come from the Devils' page at Yahoo! and...

The 2009 Winter Classic!


What's this? This game doesn't involve the Devils!  But it's important, and frankly, really sweet that the the Detroit Red Wings will travel to Wrigley Field to take on the Chicago Blackhawks.  T...

Merry Christmas!


Rich Chere got the scoop about what the Devils' favorite Christmas songs are a few days back.   Tom Gulitti got the school about what their favorite non-hockey Christmas gifts were when they were...

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