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New Page: Explanations of Used Terms & Abbreviations

Per request, I've put together a list of terms and abbreviations we've been using on the site. This way, if you don't know what Corsi or Fenwick is, then this should provide some insight. It's still a work in progress, so before I put this on the sidebar, I'd like some feedback on what needs to be added, explained, corrected, etc.

Welcome Anaheim Calling

I'd like to welcome the new Anaheim-centric Anaheim Calling to SBN. If you like the Ducks, the color orange but can't stand the Flyers (and who really can?), or want to monitor Scott Niedermayer throughout the season, that's the blog to go to. Incidentally, I stupidly also forgot to highlight the addition of Behind the Net's Gabe Desjardens to SBN a few weeks ago. He has moved his blog from BtN here and he's regularly updating it. If you love hockey stats, it's a must-read.

New SBN Features: Easy Retweeting & Mobile Commenting

File this under site/network news. SB Nation is proud to present to you, the user, the ability to retweet stories with a touch of the button as well as the ability to comment through a mobile device. I've noticed some of you have already done this here at ILWT. My message for you: keep it up & thanks.

Hockey Orphan: An Essay on Supporting New Jersey

I contributed a piece to James O'Brien's Cycle like the Sedins Hockey Orphan series. The topic: what would convince a new fan of hockey (or a disgruntled fan of another team) to support a team. I gave it my best shot trying to tie everything good about New Jersey into a package up in the main link. You can read all the other Hockey Orphan entries submitted so far through this master post at Cycle like the Sedins.

New at SBN: Team Page Revamp

The "Devils" link at the top of the blog, like at almost all other SBN blogs, has been recently revamped to provide more readily available information for you, the reader. They now sum up all the activity across the SBNation connected to the team. There's even quick links to the team's schedule, roster, and stats on the page. And through the team page, there is a drop down for players, which goes to a similar page that aggregates all SBNation activity connected to that player. It's great to poke around and learning about what else is out there.

Get your binoculars out for the birds! Thrashers await!

YES! The man behind Do the Thrashers Have Large Talons? is now on SBN. It's the premier blog for the Thrashers and the network is better for it as a whole. It's a normally excellent read and I recommend that you go over there and read what he has to say. I also recommend that you ask him to ask the team to stop having bad things happen to the Devils when the two teams play again on February 6.

NY Times: New Year's Wish

Jeff Klein asked me for what I feel should be a proper wish for the Devils outside of a Stanley Cup. I gave my answer and it was posted up yesterday. This will apparently be the last contribution to the NY Times for the time being as the people over there want a new voice for the next year. I've made a recommendation, someone who deserves to have more of a voice out there. In any case, I'd like to thank Jeff and the NY Times staff for giving me a larger platform than I ever could have dreamed of 2 years ago.

Vote for Pari...uh...Mirtle! Yes, Mirtle!

Well, you can't vote for Zach Parise here (but here you can!); but at the link place a vote for James Mirtle, ace hockey blogger-reporter-guy!

Finally, a site where you can do John Davidson "Oh, baby!" impersonations!

Welcome St. Louis Game Time to SBN! As you would expect, it's about the Blues. But it can be about so much more. Like hating the Red Wings, lamenting bizarre injuries, dreaming about Bernie Federko, and thanking JD for giving the Devils a top 4 defenseman in exchange for a hometown goon. For that, I say, welcome!

Welcome to Battle of California

Ideally, they should have a musical intro not unlike former MTV prank show Buzzkill (not to be confused with central NJ band Buzzkill) (uptempo rock music with the writers running past a camera) Earl: Ducks! Rudy: Kings! Dudes: Sharks! Together: CALIFORNIA! (a van drives through a wall) Anyway, welcome B.o.C. to the S.B.N. Go there and ask them why Yanic Lehoux never made it in the NHL.

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