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Devils Hockey Has Mostly Been Low Event Hockey

This season's New Jersey Devils team doesn't take a lot of shooting attempts at 5-on-5 and allows even fewer. The thing is that this has been largely the case for six of the last seven seasons across numerous coaching and personnel changes.

Poll: What is Devils Biggest Problem This Season?

With every loss and set-back in the standings, it's looking more and more likely the 2013-14 New Jersey Devils may not make the playoffs. The team has problems, but what's been the biggest issue holding them back?

Hypotheticals: The Devils As Non-Hockey Olympians

With the Olympic break giving Devils fans a much needed break from this season, lets try to have a little fun with our two-week vacation.

Devils to be Part of NHL's New Documentary Series

The NHL has announced that there will be a reality series that follows players on all of the teams involved in the Stadium Series leading up to and beyond the Olympics. Get excited, because that means the Devils will be involved.

Who is the Devils' Third Biggest Rival?

With Devils-Rangers coming up tonight, I got to thinking who the Devils third-biggest rival is right now. There are plenty of candidates, but it's hard to nail down just who is most deserving of the hate.

Who is Most Poised for a Breakout Season?

With today being the day that rookies take the ice for the first time at Devils training camp (!), it seems like a good time to consider who could break out for the team this year.

Which Devil Player Disappointed You the Most?

Driven by a user comment from a recent post, I ask the question to readers: which New Jersey Devil player disappointed you the most? As opposed to the best or worst, this requires a more subjective answer as it can be taken differently by fans.

Forget the Best, Who Was the Worst Devil?

A common question for sports fans is to discuss who was the best. In the dead of the offseason, I ask the more difficult opposite: who was the worst New Jersey Devil?

Asking the Inevitable: Who Will Sit for Barch?

Krystofer Barch may have been worlds better than Janssen & Boulton, but the New Jersey Devils "enforcer" didn't bring much to the table. Yet, past Devils history shows those kinds of players get in games; so who will sit for him when it happens?

Jagr Officially a Devil for 1 Year, Up to $4 Mil.

Jaromir Jagr is now officially a New Jersey Devil for a one-year deal with $2 million guaranteed and another $2 million in bonuses for games played. This reaction post is not just for the signing but also the state of the team's roster & salary cap


Would You Take Kovalchuk Back After 4 Yrs w/ SKA?

The "retirement" of Ilya Kovalchuk is no longer as he signed a four year deal with SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL. After his deal is done, he'll be a UFA. In response to the signing, I have to ask: would you want him back in the league then?


Ilya Kovalchuk has retired from the NHL. This is not a drill.

The 2013 NJ Devils Free Agency Frenzy Open Post

This is an open post for readers to discuss everything that will happen on July 5, the first day for unrestricted free agents. The Devils have just under $13 million cap space and a nearly full roster - but what will they do today?

Pre-July 5 Open Post for FAs: Clarkson to Move On

David Clarkson's agent has come out this morning and essentially said his client will hear other offers starting on July 3. Between this news and other free agents looking for offers soon, now is as good time as any to open up a post for al the spec

An Updated ILWT Readership's Top 10 for 2013 Draft

Last week, I asked all of you readers to give me your top ten prospects for the 2013 NHL Draft once again. These are the results of all of your top tens, which reveals some kind of consensus as far as who will go where in the top ten.

Again We Ask, Who's In Your Top Ten for '13 Draft?

The 2013 NHL Draft is eight days away. This post is a second attempt to get a community-based opinion on who will go in the top ten in this year's draft.

How Much Should the Devils Pay to Keep Elias?

It's a given that the New Jersey Devils should retain the services of impending unrestricted free agent and legendary Devil Patrik Elias. But how much should he get? To figure that out, I compare his stats against other over-36 year old forwards.

What Now? Your 2013 Devils Off-Season Primer

Now that the Devils season has officially crashed and burned, it's time to take a look at what lies ahead this summer. A lot of free agents, a draft hosted in Newark, and a falling salary cap all mean it'll be a interesting off-season for Lou & Co.

Game 7 Washington-New York Open Thread for Devils Fans

Tonight, the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals will face each other in a win-or-go-home Game 7. The winner will play the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals - Devils fans can discuss the game as it happens.

Poll: Who Will the New Jersey Devils Face in Eastern Conference Finals?

The New Jersey Devils will go to the Eastern Conference Finals; however, they do not know their opponent just yet. I poll the readers of ILWT, asking them who will the Devils face next: the hated New York Rangers or the Washington Capitals.

Will Devils and Prudential Center get an All-Star Game?

The NHL All-Star break is just about to kick off. Will the New Jersey Devils and Newark get one soon? What do you think?

Devils Goaltending Stats at 42 Games

This is a breakdown of stats for the Devils goalies at the midpoint of the season. How have they been? What should their roles be going forward?

Andy Greene Out; What's it mean for the Devils and who'll have to step up?

Andy Greene, defenseman for the Devils will be out 4 weeks with a broken toe. What do the stats tell us about his play so far? What will the Devils miss? What should the Devils do to replace him? Who has to step up?

A Quick Look at the New Jersey Devils Special Teams

The penalty kill and powerplay so far has been good for the New Jersey Devils. This is a quick look at the units and pairings, and some small sample size stats on the Devils special teams.

It's Official: Zach Parise Named Captain of The New Jersey Devils

It's Official: Zach Parise Named Captain of The New Jersey Devils

What You Said: How Much Would You Offer Martin Brodeur for Next Season?

I asked readers, ILWT users, and Twitter users an open question: Assuming he comes back for another season, how much would you offer Martin Brodeur? These are their responses.

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