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Ilya Kovalchuk and the Right Wing experiment- Can It Work Again?

Ilya Kovalchuk playing on the off-wing didn't work out last season, but can it work out this season?

Is Ilya Kovalchuk a Franchise Player Right Now?

A reader recently asked me whether I thought Ilya Kovalchuk was a franchise player. I answer that question while explaining what I feel a franchise player is on this team and what Kovalchuk should do in the long term to become one.

Who Do You Want On the New Jersey Devils' Blueline for 2011-12?

With the recent signing of Mark Fraser, the New Jersey Devils have 17 defensemen signed in their system. I take the opportunity to name 6 defensemen and 1 extra that I think will be on New Jersey's blueline in 2011-12.

What Exactly Is A Puck Moving Defenseman Anyway?

One of the common "needs" for the New Jersey Devils in recent seasons is a puck moving defenseman. I ask and try to answer the basic question: What exactly is a puck moving defenseman anyway?

2011 NHL Draft: Who's In Your Top Five Right Now?

In response to Derek Zona's informal poll of his readers, I ask the readers of In Lou We Trust who is in their top 5 right now. I offer my own list as well.

Would You Want Ken Hitchcock Coaching the New Jersey Devils in 2011-12?

The New Jersey Devils need a new head coach for next season, and Ken Hitchcock's name has surfaced in the media recently. Therefore, I put it to a poll while cautioning the reader that it's not set in stone and a decision won't be made soon.

Raising an Eyebrow at Zach Parise's Opinions on the Devils' Power Play & Puck Possession

Zach Parise has been answering fan's questions at Tom Gulitti's Fire & Ice. His answers that involve the power play and the puck possession game caught my eye and I offer my take that the facts don't mesh well with his opinions.

Zdeno Chara's hit on Pacioretty vs Anton Volchenkov's hit on Boychuk: which one was worse?

Was Anton Volchenkov's hit on Zach Boychuk worse than Zdeno Chara's hit on Pacioretty?

Poll: Can the New Jersey Devils Hit .500 This Season?

The New Jersey Devils are one win away from hitting .500 in terms of points in the standings; but several away from hitting a true .500 winning percentage. I put up a poll to ask the readers whether they think the Devils can do it.

David Steckel's Contract Impact and Next Season's Cap Outlook

The newly acquired David Steckel carries a multi-year contract. How does this affect the Devils cap outlook for next season? What has changed, what do they need, who must they re-sign, and what does the cap look like right now for season?

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