What Do You Think?

What NJ Devils UFA Signing from this Summer Do You Like the Least Now?


In light of yesterday's post on whether Ilya Kovalchuk is worth the assets allowed, I ask the readers which unrestricted free agent signing from the summer do they like the least right now.

New Jersey Devils Ranked Third in SBN Preseason Power Rankings


SB Nation released their preseason power rankings for the NHL. The Devils are ranked third and I explain why I think that's a fair ranking right now.

Talking Trade with Mile High Hockey


Curious as to what the Colorado Avalanche would want from the Devils in a trade? Read a fictional trade negotiation between Mile High Hockey and InLouWeTrust.

The Kovalchuk Saga: Assigning Blame


The Kovalchuk Saga: Assigning Blame.

Which New Jersey Devils Will Be Protected in the SBN NHL Mock Expansion Draft?


The SBN NHL group is holding a mock expansion draft this summer. This post includes the protection lists for the New Jersey Devils by the ILWT writers and is seeking feedback

Learning About the Dallas Stars Offseason from Defending Big D


As part of the SBN Hockey's Summer Fill project, Kevin, Tom, and myself asked Art Middleton of Defending Big D about the Dallas Stars' offseason. His responses range from ownership to Loui Eriksson...

The (Unintentional) Genius of Lou Lamoriello


A few thoughts about the Kovalchuk contract rejection and a significant part that Lamoriello played in it.

Ilya Kovalchuk, A Contract Rejection, A Filed Grievance, and Two Outcomes: A Poll


Now that the NHLPA has filed a grievance on the NHL's rejection of Ilya Kovalchuk's contract with the New Jersey Devils, I reiterate that there are two outcomes of the upcoming arbitration. This...

What is the Benefit of Andrew Peters Fighting for the New Jersey Devils?


Andrew Peters was signed to be an enforcer as the New Jersey Devils. Given his lack of production, lack of drawing calls, and his 9 fights resulting in the Devils going 3-4-2 when he does fight,...

What Makes a #1 Defenseman a #1 Defenseman?


After writing and analyzing Paul Martin's performance quite a bit, I have to ask: what makes a #1 defenseman a #1 defenseman? I ask the question for the readers to see what they think - offer your...

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